Why Beyonce Chopped Off All Her Hair

Matt Dekneef

Beyoncé is a fearful god. She giveth and she can taketh away. A commandment she proved two blessed nights ago when she debuted a new head of O.M.BEY IS THAT A BLONDE PIXIE CUT hair on humanity’s Instagram. It was a sight that left the world shaking and trembling, because mankind will always fear that which it doesn’t understand.

Now we understand.

According to Beyoncé’s longtime stylist, Kim Kimble, the star of WE TV’s “L.A. Hair,” Bey “had great, thick long hair, which she cut off because she’s ready to make a statement.” Bey wanted to chop her hair just to prove she can.

“It’s a great statement to make,” Kim explained. “‘I’m beautiful, sexy, bold and I can do it all.’ She’s the perfect model for that—a working woman, mom, superstar, businesswoman. She’s powerful in herself.”

As much as her stylist approves of the bold change, she confesses, “I got a little teary eyed!” (guuuuurl, we all did) over the drastic look. “I feel like it’s my hair, I work so much with her. I feel a little emotional but excited for her too.”

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