Why Brandon Jenner Rejected ‘Kardashian’ Reality Show

Matt Dekneef

Fans of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” will recognize these two familiarly unfamiliar faces on the hit reality series: Brandon Jenner and Leah Jenner.

Brandon, son of Bruce and older brother to Brody, was hesitant to make an appearance on the show with his wife Leah, but now they’re a staple on the E! program.

“We were kind of asked to do it a few times, in a few other seasons,” Brandon said to OK! magazine. “We didn’t think that reality TV, quote unquote, and the music business really mix very well. Last season, we did an episode and we got a lot of really great feedback from people, and a lot of them that checked out the music really dug it.

The singing duo have a self-described “hip-hop based reggae and soul music with a beachy flavor” sound that adds a refreshing bright spot in the otherwise drama-fueled “KUWTK” episodes.

Find out more about how they actually met, stayed out of the spotlight for this long, and how, unlike other members of the Kardashian empire, they don’t drive each other crazy – all here.

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