Why David Tennant and Michael Sheen Look So Weird in their ‘Good Omens’ Costumes

Matthew Loffhagen
Twitter/Nail Gaiman
(Photo: Twitter/Nail Gaiman)

The first look at David Tennant and Michael Sheen in Good Omens is here, and they certainly look interesting.

Not necessarily good, not necessarily bad, but interesting.

And also a little bad.

It’s kind of weird to see David Tennant, a former Doctor Who, stood next to a guy who looks for all the world like he should be taking on the Time Lord mantle himself. Michael Sheen’s appearance gives off a pretty strong Who vibe, from his bow tie to his curly blond hair, his tan jacket, and of course, that pocketwatch.

Sheen is playing Aziraphale, an angel – one who, due to some poor planning in the Garden of Eden, is held responsible for that whole deal where Adam and Even ate the forbidden fruit. He’s stuck on Earth now, watching to make sure that the AntiChrist doesn’t turn up at any point.

Meanwhile, his frenemy Crowley, played by David Tennant, is essentially doing the same thing – spending centuries on Earth, waiting for the AntiChrist. The difference is, as a devil, he’s doing it in a sports car.

And in absolutely awful clothes. It’s a far cry from Tennant’s own Doctor Who outfit, and it doesn’t really feel right.

That hair is special in and of itself. It’s pretty nauseating to look at.

For what it’s worth, Neil Gaiman himself loves the pair.

Gaiman, for context, is one half of the writing team behind the original Good Omens novel, alongside the late Terry Pratchett. What’s particularly sweet is that the whole project, which Gaiman is on-hand to oversee, is treating this as one big tribute to Pratchett, even going so far as to have a permanently empty chair for him alongside the director, should he pop in to give his opinion.

In the meantime, a member of Pratchett’s family is on hand, which is a nice touch – this project is not forgetting its roots.

So why do David Tennant and Michael Sheen look so unusual in their outfits?

There’s several forces at play here. For one, it appears that Good Omens isn’t going to be the same kind of adaptation as American Gods – this is a decidedly more British story, and the show won’t be burdened with an overly serious grimdark tone and an attempt to make everything feel epic and grandiose.

Tennant and Sheen look very cute and silly in their outfits, and they’re supposed to. Good Omens is a whimsical, downright comical book, and to do this justice means to embrace the bizarre side of the plot by allowing larger-than-life characters to explode onscreen in a flurry of funny costumes and ugly wigs.

The costumes are a joke – something that becomes all the more clear when we see Neil Gaiman himself give us context behind the picture.

These are the costumes for the show’s brief opening scene, which takes place eleven years before the main story. There’s a brief bit of dumb comedy – a classic Switched at Birth sitcom-style joke – that sets the movie’s apocalyptic events into motion.

We’re meant to look at Tennant and Sheen and laugh at their appearance here. This is the embarrassing previous incarnation of the characters, and we’ll likely see new, far less ugly hair in the rest of the series.

Hopefully, at least. There’s every chance they could push ahead with these costumes for the entirety of the series. That just doesn’t seem fair, though – surely Tennant and Sheen shouldn’t be forced to wear those wigs indefinitely for filming the entire show, right?


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