Why ‘The Defenders’ Trailer is Absolutely, Unexpectedly Awesome

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

Whelp, The Defendersfirst trailer is here, and, against all odds, it actually looks pretty awesome.

Okay, so maybe it’s a bit cynical to be surprised by this. All in all, Marvel’s Netflix shows have been generally well received. While Luke Cage suffered with pacing and Iron Fist got pretty critically bashed, for the most part these shows have landed a pretty solid level of quality.

But while Daredevil and Jessica Jones work well, both of these shows are fairly old now, and there’s been rumblings from some elements within the Marvel fan community which suggest that people are losing their faith in the darker, grittier side of MCU. Luckily, this trailer shows that we’ll be getting exactly what we need: lots and lots of heroes fighting each other.

Because, let’s face it, superhero team-ups are boring – at least compared with the alternative. Seeing Captain America fighting alongside Iron Man just not as interesting as seeing them bickering, which is why the MCU is built of heroes fighting heroes.

Quite aside from Captain America: Civil War, there’s an awful lot of in-fighting in Avengers and Age of Ultron, and Falcon’s appearance in Ant Man is simply a weak excuse to see two heroes beat each other up.

Perhaps the problem here is that Marvel’s movie villains aren’t as compelling as their heroes, but by way of proof, it’s worth remembering that Iron Man 2 features Black Widow helping Tony Stark, and that’s the worst of all Marvel’s films.

Superheroes teaming up? Snore. Superheroes punching each other? Heck yeah!

While this initial trailer for The Defenders makes no secret of the fact that the group will eventually join forces, that’s not the focus here. We see Matt Murdock snapping at Jessica Jones while the pair face off against Misty Knight. We see Iron Fist punching Luke Cage in a beautiful slow-mo shot that proves that the clash between the pair is going to be complex.

Jessica Jones insults Matt Murdock’s insistence on keeping his identity a secret. The entire group scoffs at Danny Rand’s insistence that they make a good team.

The whole point of The Defenders is that they’re not exactly as unified and friendly as the Avengers – and in the MCU, the Avengers aren’t exactly a well-oiled machine either.

It remains to be seen whether Defenders can overcome the various problems that recent shows have faced – whether Luke Cage will be given a worthy opponent, and whether Danny Rand will annoy audiences any less this time around.

But do you know what? This trailer is definitely a good start. Things are looking up for Marvel’s Netflix wing.

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