Why Fans Believe ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Foreshadowing Rickon’s Fate


(Photo: OBSEV / HBO)

Another day, another Game of Thrones theory. With each passing week since the TV series has largely passed by where the books are currently at in the saga, people are now speculating much more about what's to come (because, for the first time, they don't really have any idea). This time around, an eagle-eyed fan has ideas on what's to become of Rickon Stark

Looking at Arya's training montage, each strike from the waif seems to reflect what happened to the people she's talking about. The Hound: Struck on the head and fell back. Bran: Back was broken. Robb: Stabbed in the side (also thanks, fans, for making me have to watch the Red Wedding again to confirm). So when she was asked about Rickon, the waif struck Arya's leg. 


The theory, then, is that Rickon's not going to be having a great time of things in the capture of Ramsay Snow. Though that isn't exactly a surprise. The question is, what exactly is going to happen to Rickon? My basic theory is that after losing Sansa and Reek, he's going to be a little tired of people trying to escape. 

So more likely than not he's going to injure Rickon's leg — assuming this theory has merit — to keep him from taking off. Of course, that's not going to be very well received when Jon Snow finds out what's happening to his siblings after all this time on the Wall, separated from the world. Whatever piece Ramsay takes out of Rickon, he'd better put it back in before Jon carves him a new everything. And that'll make for yet another character death Maisie Williams will enjoy

Well, guess we'll just have to watch to find out.