Why It’s Good News That the “Alien: Covenant” Sequel May Have Been Cancelled

Matthew Loffhagen
Twentieth Century Fox
(Photo: Twentieth Century Fox)

It looks like the “Alien” franchise is going on ice, as the expected sequel to this year’s “Alien: Covenant” has possibly been buried by Twentieth Century Fox.

According to rumors that are now bouncing around the internet, courtesy of a BluRay.com forum user by the name of HumanMedia, “Covenant” has been shelved, and its assets sold off.

Said HumanMedia:

“The sequel to ‘Covenant’ was originally due to start preproduction this month in Sydney. After the box office results filming was canceled, and a warehouse storage unit full of stuff was auctioned off a few months ago. So the original plan of pumping out another quickly has definitely changed with no immediate plans for anything.”

Now, let’s get one thing straight: this is the word of an anonymous person on the internet. There’s no genuine proof behind this at all, and we can’t expect this to be on the up-and-up without solid confirmation from an official source.

Walter in Alien Covenant
Source: Twentieth Century Fox

That said, this is Fox we’re talking about; a company that is currently going through one of the biggest entertainment media buyouts in history. A lot of movies are going to be cancelled during the coming transitional period, and it makes sense for the “Covenant” sequel to get the axe.

Quite aside from anything else, director Ridley Scott has been very busy lately entirely reworking his movie “All the Money in the World”, in order to strip out Kevin Spacey entirely. Scott is far too busy to be focusing on the future of the “Alien” franchise right now, and without any forward momentum on the project, Disney’s executives are likely to want to re-evaluate the brand before taking it futher.

This is for the best. While Scott cannot be praised enough for his decision to make “All the Money in the World” free from any problematic sexual abuse allegations, it’s hard to say that his recent work on the “Alien” franchise has been up to par.

The director has talked about wanting to “churn out” movies in the franchise endlessly, and has announced that he hopes to move the series away from the titular alien xenomorphs to instead focus on his evil robot David, played by Michael Fassbender.

Alien Covenant Last Supper
Source: Twentieth Century Fox

While “Prometheus” and “Covenant” both have their fans, it’s hard to claim that they’re particularly focused movies. Both films seem to be made up of two different storylines that are meshed together, as Scott attempts to use the “Alien” brand name as a Trojan Horse to get his David movies into theaters.

Maybe the best solution for the “Alien” series is a few years of cooling-off time, before a new, fresh director comes in and attempts to revitalize it.

Meanwhile, by all means, Scott should be allowed to carry on making “Prometheus” films for those fans that enjoy them, but let’s stop needlessly attaching the “Alien” brand to the saga. This should be its own thing, and the movies would probably be far better received if Scott wasn’t trying to muddy the waters by appealing to a nostalgia crowd that isn’t interested in robot stories that are mired in Christian symbolism.

If the sequel to “Alien: Covenant” is cancelled, it’ll be the best thing for the series as a whole. Sometimes, a little breathing room goes a long way to clearing out all of the frustration and disappointment that audiences face when a movie fails to live up to expectations.


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