Why Jennifer Lawrence Would Be the Best Wedding Date Ever

Madison Vanderberg

So, Jennifer Lawrence is in the newest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.

Real Weddings

There she is…all the way on the far right, not pulling focus from the bride or ANYTHING.


If you’re wondering why Jennifer Lawrence is in Martha Stewart Weddings (because WHAT DA FUHH), her brother’s wedding was featured in the mag.

Real Weddings

But if one thing is certain, it’s that Jen Law looks like the most fun wedding date ever!


She’ll dip out of the wedding ceremony faster than you can say, “The reception has food.”



But she’ll read your mind when they roll out the dinner menu, which only offers some dry ass chicken or a gross vegetarian option.



She would be right there with you at the bar.



She’ll troll the reception with you, just a couple of delusional idiots, desperately hitting on all the single men at the wedding. 



She’s not gonna tear up at something stupid, like the vows.



She’ll stand up in the middle of dinner and make an unannounced toast.



She WILL photobomb the official wedding portrait.



She’ll get at that wedding cake slice with a vengeance, but still hit up the gift bags for hidden treats.



She’ll do something weird in the middle of a boring ceremony and make the bride cry.



But the real reason she’s the best wedding crasher is:



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