Why Justin Bieber Quit Mid-Concert

Matt Dekneef

Justin Bieber’s string of bad luck hasn’t run out. It continues this week with a bout of malicious food poisoning. Isn’t that just a great way to kick off a Monday?

The cherry on top to those reports of vandalism, that creepy video of himself sleeping filmed by a prostitute, his night spent at a Brazilian brothel, and the list goes on and on.

The singer revealed he was down for the count after he was struck with the sudden ailment, sharing a photo of himself hooked up to an IV drip to his Instagram.

“Food poisening [sic] is #allbad #musicmondays,” he captioned the selfie.

“Argentina been a rough day but the show must go on. I’m coming,” he continued. “This sucks. #sick food poisoning.”

It hasn’t stopped the 19 year old from continuing with a scheduled concert in Argentina—or trying to anyway.

A few songs in his team pulled him from stage, ending the show early, over his health issues.

His video producer Alfredo Flores tweeted of their concerns, “Going against doctors’ orders he still went on stage tonight. The last thing Justin ever wants to do is let his fans down.”

“He gave it his all but health comes first,” he continued. “Proud of him for even getting out there and giving it a go. Today was a rough one.” 

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