Why Kevin Hart Definitely Shouldn’t Remake “Mrs Doubtfire”

Matthew Loffhagen
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Watch out, people – Kevin Hart has plans to ruin your favorite movie about a crossdressing cocaine-fueled comedian.

The good news is that this probably won’t happen, but it’s sad that this is even a possibility that we have to brace for.

In a recent interview promoting the release of “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (a movie that is almost certainly going to bomb at theaters despite receiving generally positive early reviews from critics), Kevin Hart was asked what other Nineties movies he might like to remake.

Said Hart:

“I’ll stay on the Robin Williams train and say that if I could jump into Mrs. Doubtfire. That was a very amazing performance on both ends for him. I think that’s one I’d love to get to play in.”

It’s a good thing that this is just a speculative interview answer, rather than an actual project that Hart is working on.

Quite aside from anything, Kevin Hart simply is no Robin Williams. The reason why the original Mrs Doubtfire was such a worldwide phenomenon was because of the talented character actor, renowned for his voicework, that built such an iconic persona in the title role.

This kind of thing hasn’t been Hart’s strong suit up to this point – he’s not the guy to strap on a funny wig and start inhabiting a wacky role.

Kevin Hart
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Besides, it’s hard to imagine Hart getting the nuance of Mrs Doubtfire correct. While we all remember Robin Williams of the Nineties as a laugh-a-minute comedy legend, this role was actually a little more subdued, as he played an elderly Scottish lady as straight as possible. This kind of humor and earnest emotion would probable be swallowed up by Kevin Hart’s constant need to flail his arms.

Quite aside from anything, though, the biggest reason why a “Mrs Doubtfire” remake wouldn’t work with any actor in a modern setting is because of the whole point of the story.

Audiences today wouldn’t look so kindly on a deadbeat dad committing major fraud in order to subvert a court injunction designed to keep his children safe.

Movies of the Nineties had a weird obsession with casting divorced men as heroes, beaten down by the system for reasons outside of their control. By now, our collective societal impression of these men has changed so dramatically that it’s hard to imagine anything seeing a “Mrs Doubtfire” remake as anything other than deeply disturbing and creepy.

Mrs Doubtfire Vacuum
Source: 20th Century Fox

This is to say nothing of a movie that gets its jokes from mocking crossdressing. That’s just not okay under the current cultural climate of tolerance and respect.

Here’s hoping that Kevin Hart stays well away from any kind of “Mrs Doubtfire” remake.

That’s something that none of us wants to see.

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