Why Lady Gaga Threatened to Leave VMAs over One Direction

Matt Dekneef

Every year the MTV Video Music Awards is such a conspicuous display of, uh, conspicuousness that you’d think there’d be absolutely nothing left to reveal from its behind-the-scenes cameras. You’d be wrong.

Lady Gaga, perturbed by the booing of One Direction when they accepted their Moonman trophy for “Best Song of the Summer,” cheered loudly for the boy band backstage. Here’s what she told them:

“I don’t know what I heard out there, but if I did hear what I heard out there, I just want to tell you that you deserve every bit of success that you have. And don’t you dare let those people boo you. And I put that booing in my own show because I wanted to make a comment about that, and it’s so fu — I want to leave right now, I don’t want to stay anymore. Because I don’t want to be in a room where people will boo like that.”

Inspiring pep talk. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Go, team, go!


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