Why Lamar Odom Will Never Play for the Lakers Again

Matt Dekneef

Lamar Odom has been desperately trying to clean up his act and image in the media as he attempts to make his way back into a Lakers jersey, but according to NBA icon Phil Jackson it may be all for nothing.

Lamar’s former coach, who’s close with the Lakers executive board (he lives with the team president Jeanie Buss), told TMZ he doesn’t foresee Lamar in purple and gold again.

“I think that bridge might have been burned,” he simply put it.

The reason(s)? Phil remained vague, just citing “too many personal things.”

He did however mention the Kardashians in a positive light, saying that Lamar found “a family and a caring unit” in the famous family—though he did say that appearing on the reality show and its spinoff was possibly “a distraction” regarding his NBA career.

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