Why Mariah Carey Almost Turned Down American Idol

Madison Vanderberg
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The cast of “American Idol” covered the recent issue of The Hollywood Reporter in what I’m calling, “the world’s most awkward family photo.” Just look at it, Randy looks like he just woke up. Mariah thinks this is an album cover shoot. Keith Urban is still confused as to how he makes any sense in this family.

Nicki Minaj thinks she’s posing for Miley Cyrus’ Instagram and Ryan Seacrest looks like he wants off the show so bad.

But enough about that, Mariah Carey just dropped the bomb that she really wanted to turn down the “American Idol” offer at first.

“I was on the fence about the whole thing,” Mariah confessed, “I got approached by all the shows. [My husband Nick Cannon] said I should do [Idol] because it’s the top, it’s the cream of the crop. And I felt like, ‘Do the show that’s produced massive stars who have had major careers.’”

If she’s referring to massive stars like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, Mariah would be correct. If she’s referring to Lee DeWyze, Fantasia Barrino or Mandisa, well…

But what about the Nicki/Mariah fued? Is that still a thing?

When asked if Nicki and Mariah ever talk to one another, Executive Producer Ken Warwick says, “Not a great deal, no.”

Nicki also threw a few jabs in Mariah’s direction when talking about her own over-the-top wardrobe choices saying, “I could think of at least one other person that shows more cleavage and skin than me,” jabs Minaj, rolling her eyes in the direction of Carey’s dressing room.

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