Why “Sherlock Holmes 3” Will Be the Best of the Trilogy

Matthew Loffhagen
Warner Bros
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Hey, so we’re actually getting a “Sherlock Holmes 3”.

Color me surprised. I genuinely didn’t think they’d ever make this movie.

In fairness, the “they” that are making the movie might not include Guy Ritchie, the director of the first two movies.

It’s fair to say that we probably won’t be getting a movie that’s quite like “A Game of Shadows”. This may well be no bad thing.

I quite like the “Sherlock Holmes” movies. Robert Downey Jr makes for an interesting enough Holmes, but my favorite part of the first two films is Jude Law.

Law is a phenomenal Watson – I love his performance as a no-nonsense, intelligent, capable sidekick who’s every bit as talented as Holmes in his own way. It makes a nice change from the bumbling, awkward Watson we normally get, who looks like a bit of an idiot to try to make Holmes appear more intelligent by contrast.

Jude Law Watson
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The downside to these movies, let’s face it, has been Guy Ritchie’s unique directorial preferences.

I’ve never been convinced by the gritty brawling at the heart of this series. I don’t mind Sherlock Holmes being thrown into action scenes, but I prefer him to be more than just a punchy kicky fighty guy.

The series, in essence, could do with being a little more cerebral. It should trust its audience a little more.

Elementary, My Dear Spock

I see this new movie as a chance for a “Star Trek Beyond” situation.

With the “Trek” movies, JJ Abrams set up an interesting premise, then completely overplayed his hand with a second film. It took Justin Lin to come in to direct a third movie that felt a little more fresh and interesting.

So let’s hope that “Sherlock Holmes 3” turns out well. I’m eager to see another director come in and give a unique spin on what Ritchie has built with the first two movies.

My dream choice would be Matthew Vaughn, the traditional choice for replacing Ritchie on movies like this, but then, I’m aware that this is wishful thinking at best.

It’s still entirely possible that Ritchie on to direct “Sherlock Holmes 3”. The only reason people are ruling him out is because he’s currently making an “Aladdin” reboot for Disney.

Frankly, I don’t hate the idea of passing movie franchises around between directors more often. I like to see more original twists on established characters.

RDJ Sherlock
Source: Warner Bros

If there’s one character that’s been twisted more than any other over the decades, it’s Sherlock Holmes.

Whoever directs this new movie, they’ve got their work cut out for them. Personally, I’m optimistic that this could turn out very well.