Why Shogun World Will Be the Best Part of “Westworld” Season 2

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: HBO)

Finally! After years of teases and hints, HBO has now given us our first look at Shogun World, the Japan-themed area of the giant robot amusement park of which Westworld is just one tiny slice.

The trailer for season two has everything that’s been missing from the last few sneak peeks we’ve been given. This isn’t to say that previous teasers for the returning show have been somehow lackluster or dull, but HBO has wisely built a slow burn around the reveals for the new season, keeping us on our toes as we snatch occasional glimpses of the action and drama that’s about to unfold.

This strategy has paid off, as now, less than a month from the premiere of season two, we’re bombarded with so much exciting footage that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Shining through the midst of this is Shogun World, an indication that “Westworld” season two is going to dramatically expand the lore and worldbuilding of this popular series.

We all love a good crossover. Seeing sci-fi robots mixed with cowboys is a large part of the appeal of the first season of “Westworld”, and the hints at the bigger world that exists within the story have been enough to make things all the more tantalizing.

To finally get the chance to visit Shogun World means that we’ll be able to see how different parts of this bizarre simulation will play out, and it also likely means that the cowboys of Westworld will gain new allies from across different time periods of history.

Shogun World is likely just the beginning – while we probably won’t see much more beyond these two established worlds in the new season, subsequent story arcs for the show could potentially pull back the curtain even further, as a ragtag band of robots from various different sections of the theme park come together to fight back against their human oppressors.

Shogun World Geisha
Source: HBO

Basically, all we need is Thandie Newton riding a dinosaur. Once we get to this point, the show – and probably television as a whole – will reach its apex.

In the meantime, we’ve got a lot of fun to enjoy in the upcoming season. If this new trailer is any indication, there’s going to be plenty of twists and turns on the horizon for fans of “Westworld”.

Considering how mind-bending the original season was, it’s going to be fun seeing what’s in store now that everybody thinks they’ve already got a handle on the plot of this incredible show.