Why “The Crow” Remake Will Probably Never Happen

Matthew Loffhagen
Miramax Films
(Photo: Miramax Films)

Well, “The Crow” has stalled again, and I’m not all that surprised.

While Jason Momoa and Corin Hardy looked all set to make this movie reboot finally happen, the pair have now exited the project amid rumors that Sony wants to ditch the film entirely.

I can’t say I’m hugely surprised.

The cinematic legacy of “The Crow” has always been fraught. Right back at the start, the untimely death of lead actor Brandon Lee soured the first attempt at bringing this comic book character to the big screen.

A second “Crow” movie didn’t exactly change the world, and two direct-to-home-release follow-ups were nothing to write home about. Even if they did feature big-name stars like Kirsten Dunst and David Boreanaz.

David Boreanaz
Source: Dimension Films

The Jason Momoa incarnation of “The Crow” was the latest in a long line of attempts to restart this cinematic series. Production woes trapped the film in development hell for a really long time, and things finally started to seem to be moving in the right direction. Right up until the whole film exploded this week.

Oh well. I can’t say I’m hugely torn about the loss of this movie.

Now is Not the Time

Dark, gritty superhero movies aren’t exactly what the world is clamoring for right now. This film feels like a product from another time. Had it come a decade ago, people might have cared, but considering the long line of “Crow” movies that have flopped, I can’t say I think this would ever have taken the world by storm.

Maybe (and this is just a theory) nobody actually wants to see a movie about the obscure superhero The Crow.

We live in a world where weird nonsense comic book characters such as the Guardians of the Galaxy can turn into megahit franchises. But only when these characters are in the right hands, with a studio that has proven so effective at making comic book movies that people show up just because the studio’s name runs at the start of the movie.

The Crow has none of this going for him. He’s a weird, unpopular, nigh-invisible character, and even the production team surrounding his movie has always shown hesitancy about committing to the project.

The Crow Brandon Lee
Source: Miramax

It’s almost as if a team of Hollywood executives are trying to push this movie into existence because, hey, it works when Marvel does something like this.

Meanwhile, the creators who sign on for the project don’t actually know what to do with the property, and keep spinning their wheels until they get an opportunity to bail.

So if we never, ever get another cinematic release for a “The Crow” movie, I won’t be surprised.

Nor, if I’m honest, will I feel like the world has lost anything.

Sometimes it’s better if a mediocre movie doesn’t exist.