Why The Inclusion of Alice Eve Will Not Save “Iron Fist” Season Two

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Paramount)

Worry not, Marvel fans: after listening long and hard, the comic book supergiant has finally made a decision that will fix everything wrong with the “Iron Fist” Netflix series: they’ve added Alice Eve.

You might be wondering who Alice Eve is. That’s fair enough, because this particular actor, talented as she may be, isn’t exactly a household name.

She is a household sight, though. Her cleavage is probably the most famous image that everyone remembers from “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. This depressingly gratuitous scene is even more eye-rollingly stupid (and far more harmful) than the “magic blood” deus ex machina in the movie’s conclusion.

The Worst Scene in Star Trek Discovery
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Clearly, Marvel Television, aware of just how universally hated Finn Jones’ personal take on Danny Rand has become, have decided that they need to add some new variety to the second season of “Iron Fist”.

Nobody knows what character Eve will play, as this is all a mystery, but this matters not. What Disney cares about the most is that they’ve managed to find a female actor who is both incredibly recognizable to look at, while being obscure enough to be very cheap to hire.

Oh boy, just what “Iron Fist” needs: another blonde white character!

It almost feels as if Marvel TV is deliberately trolling us with this. Fans have not been thrilled by the fact that a Chinese mythology-inspired superhero is played by Finn Jones, a pale Englishman with no experience of martial arts training.

In order to improve the second season, Marvel has therefore cast Alice Eve, a pale Englishwoman with no experience of martial arts training. This should go well.

Finn Jones as Iron Fist
Source: Marvel

Obviously, being too hard on “Iron Fist” season two at present is silly; we haven’t actually seen anything of the new episodes yet, and there’s every possibility that the show can be turned around, if Marvel plays things very, very carefully.

That said, Marvel certainly has an uphill struggle ahead. It will take a lot of work to convince fans to care about anything that’s going on with Danny Rand, and considering how unpopular the show’s lead actor is currently, fans aren’t going to be overly enthusiastic for this next season no matter what “Star Trek” actors get roped into the production.

The only way “Iron Fist” can be salvaged is with good character work, better planning, and more than fifteen minutes of practice time before shooting any of the fight scenes.

Otherwise, Marvel might be better off ditching their current Iron Fist entirely, and instead building a show around the far more popular Colleen Wing.