Why The Inclusion of The Rock Won’t Make ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Any Better

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Universal)

Hey, so Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is possibly going to be in Suicide Squad 2. That ought to fix the movie series, right?


Fans of The Rock are getting excited at the prospect of possibly seeing his comic book supervillain character, Black Adam, make an appearance in the sequel to last year’s colorful but poorly edited Suicide Squad.

Apparently, the plot of this new movie may revolve around Task Force X being put back together for the purpose of tracking down a “weapon of mass destruction” that’s tearing its way through a city. As it turns out, this “weapon” is none other than the villainous Black Adam, who is wrecking stuff and basically just being a big old jerk.

If this plot sounds familiar, that’s because it’s more or less identical to the plot of the first movie, and, yet again, we’ll all get the chance to see a bunch of low level street thugs with gimmicky costumes face off against a villain with the powers of a god.

Making up the Suicide Squad, we have a guy with lots of guns, a guy with a boomerang, a girl with a baseball bat, a girl with a sword, and guy with a skin condition – and that’s the ones with “powers”. They’ll be facing the character who is essentially Evil Superman.

Suicide Squad
Source: Warner Bros

This doesn’t seem like it’s going to work out any better than the time they fought Hula Hoop Bikini Witch. In order to make the action last more than three seconds, the first Suicide Squad used a bunch of disposable drones which, while not dissimilar to the Chitauri in The Avengers, didn’t exactly give the Suicide Squad ample opportunities to use their various gimmicks.

Plus, you can’t just have Deadshot simply try to shoot Black Adam in the face, because the villain is pretty much indestructible. The story is going to be working overtime to try and explain why Black Adam doesn’t just instantly punch all of the Suicide Squad members so hard that their heads pop off.

But, hey, Dwayne Johnson is in this movie! That should make it awesome, right?

Except, the first Suicide Squad was hardly lacking in acting talent. The Fresh Prince himself couldn’t save the movie!

The DCEU has, by and large, some absolutely phenomenal actors attached to the majority of its main roles.

Jason Momoa, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Will Smith, Gal Gadot, Kevin Costner, David Harbour, Jared Leto, Chris Pine, Henry Cavill, Robin Wright – these are all actors who’ve proven themselves more than capable in a variety of other roles, but (Wonder Woman aside), when it comes to actually writing a script, shooting a film, and editing footage together, all of this talent is wasted.

Throwing Dwayne Johnson into the middle of the mix isn’t going to instantly fix the inherent problems with the Suicide Squad formula. For that, the movie needs ample time for scriptwriting, a consistent directorial style, a lack of infighting between the executives in charge of the movie, and, most importantly, a genuinely enjoyable story that breathes life into otherwise one-dimensional characters.

Suicide Squad Deadshot and Harley
Source: Warner Bros

This isn’t to say that new director Gavin O’Connor can’t fix what went wrong with the first movie. If he manages to keep the project on-track, and gets all the support he needs from Warner Bros, this upcoming sequel could very easily be better than the original Suicide Squad (it’s hard to imagine it’d be any worse).

Throwing Dwayne Johnson into the mix, on the other hand, will do little to instantly improve the film’s quality if the fundamentals are overlooked again. We all remember Baywatch, and the fact that not absolutely everything Johnson touches turns to gold if the script is lacking.

So while there’s a good chance that Suicide Squad 2 will be more watchable than its predecessor, it’s not just a matter of sticking The Rock’s glistening, muscular body into a spandex suit and expecting things to instantly get better.

Go ahead and be optimistic, but don’t wrongly expect this movie to be amazing simply because it has one actor you like in it.

The Rock can do a lot of cool stuff, but he can’t instantly save the DCEU simply by raising an eyebrow in front of a camera.