Why The World Needs a “Kick Ass” Netflix Original Series

Matthew Loffhagen
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Comic book writer Mark Millar has been flapping his gums this week, as he waxes lyrical about the possibility of a Netflix Original Series based on his new “Kick Ass” comic book reboot.

According to Millar:

Kick-Ass has just been sitting blind there, so the idea of a TV show or something, I would be super excited for it. I think the time is right and the character’s got a lot of goodwill, with Hit-Girl in the same continuity, it would be an awesome TV show.”

This isn’t just wishful thinking – Netflix has the rights to create shows based on Millar’s comics, and with Disney pulling out of previous Marvel arrangements with Netflix, “Kick Ass” seems like the perfect successor to shows like “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones”, and “Luke Cage”.

(And also “Iron Fist” and “Defenders”, but we don’t like to talk about those.)

That said, according to Millar, parts of the rights to “Kick Ass” currently lie with Matthew Vaughn, who directed the 2010 movie. This isn’t an insurmountable challenge, but it does mean that a “Kick Ass” TV show isn’t the top priority for Netflix as the moment.

According to Millar, there are approximately six shows based on his comics that are in development at Netflix, which really does make it sound like the plan is to make the Millarverse the new “Defenders”, for better or worse.

It’s unfortunate that “Kick Ass” isn’t among these shows, because this format would absolutely fit the gritty yet colorful world that was created in the first movie in the series.

Kick Ass Movie
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Some live action comic book stories don’t need enormous budgets. “Kick Ass” is suitably small and intimate that it would fit perfectly in an episodic, low-risk limited television run on Netflix.

Heck, it would arguably fit a lot better than “Iron Fist”, because there’s no giant dragon to allude to which can’t actually be shown thanks to the show’s budgetary constraints.

The best thing of all about “Kick Ass”, though, is the new direction that Millar is taking his comics at the moment.

Instead of being a book about the same white teenager that appeared in previous chapters of the story, Millar has now introduced a new Kick Ass, in something of a soft reboot.

New Kick Ass
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This new character, Patience Lee, is a woman of color, which is still sadly something or a rarity in modern comic books. Bringing this character to the small screen would go a long way to opening the doors for more diverse representation in future.

Here’s hoping that eventually, we’ll get this TV show, as it sounds far more interesting than just another riff on the existing “Kingsman” franchise.

It might be a long way off, but the world needs a “Kick Ass” television series, and Netflix is the perfect company to make this happen.