Why “The X-Files” Needs To Be Canceled Again After Season 11

Matthew Loffhagen
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Gillian Anderson has stated that she’s unlikely to stay on for another season of “The X-Files” after the currently filming season eleven.

This is a fair choice made by an actor who’s seen her star in Hollywood rising dramatically over the past few years – you can’t really blame her, as she’s been catapulted lately from relative success, to fantastic stardom that’s above and beyond what she was enjoying previously.

It does, however, suggest that it’s time for “The X-Files” to wrap up, and for the books to be closed for good.

Season ten of “The X-Files” promised a lot, as many revivals often do, but failed to deliver what audiences wanted.

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There was a lot of heavy, dense lore, when all anyone wanted to see was Mulder and Scully getting back to work, tackling a Monster of the Week as per the classic supernatural sci-fi procedural style.

Season eleven might (might) improve on this, but it’s probably best to hold off before getting too excited. In the meantime, with Anderson looking to quit, we’re in danger of hitting the same kind of snag that the show has seen before.

Back in season two of the original run of the show, Scully went missing for a big chunk of a season, thanks to Anderson’s real-life pregnancy. A convoluted plot was invented, and David Duchovny was forced to carry much of the show by himself.

This didn’t entirely work, but it got the show past a period of Anderson’s absence, and things were able to continue in earnest once she could return.

X-Files Season 10
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The same is not really an option for a potential season twelve. If Gillian Anderson leaves, the show will be without half of its appealing lead duo (arguably the more talented of the two, but we’ll leave that discussion for another time).

While TV networks have often attempted to continue shows like this in the past with only half of a core two-person team in the center, it never works.

Considering that the show will invariably end up dwelling on yet more convoluted story nonsense in order to explain away the permanent disappearance of Scully, it’s far better that things end now, to avoid making a mess of what little mystery and appeal “The X-Files” has left.

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