Why We Shouldn’t Make a Big Deal Out of Jon Snow and Ygritte Getting Engaged

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: HBO)

Jon Snow and Ygritte are engaged! No, not on Game of Thrones (although that would make for a fun plot twist at this stage), but in real life!

It’s always wonderful when two well-known actors, playing opposite each other in big name roles, end up falling for each other. It’s the kind of sweet, schmaltzy real-life love story that we all enjoy a little more than we probably should (especially when our prying into people’s personal lives ends up making things worse for everyone involved).

Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie, who play Jon Snow and Ygritte on Game of Thrones, were secretly dating for a while before rumors started to pile up surrounding the pair’s romantic involvement.

Then, the news was that they’d split up, and we all moved on with our lives – until it was revealed last year that, no, actually, they’re back together, and they’re really cute as a couple.

Now, Harrington has proposed, and Leslie has said yes, and the internet is abuzz with excitement over the possibility of a Game of Thrones wedding that might not actually feature anyone being horribly murdered.


Jon Snow Ygritte
Source: HBO

While it’s natural to get very excited about this kind of thing, though, we really need to all butt out of the couple’s wedding plans.

Let’s face it – much as we may want a Royal Wedding, televised for the masses and featuring an all-star cast of ring bearers and celebrity flower girls, Kit and Rose deserve a private, personal wedding that doesn’t feature huge amounts of intrusive fan voyeurism.

Heck, even after the rings are exchanged, we need to keep giving the couple their space. Nothing destroys a marriage quite like millions of backseat drivers, writing endless thinkpieces about what color of curtains the happy couple should choose for the dining room.

(Thinkpieces not unlike this one. Allow us a little hypocrisy, please, we do have a point behind all this.)

Rose and Kit don’t deserve millions of stalkers. They shouldn’t have to endure speculation every time Kit grabs dinner with a female colleague, or every time Rose looks a bit tired while shopping for a new spatula.

After all, we all know what happens when a couple doesn’t get enough time together, and has to endure the embarrassment of a very public relationship and the pressure of millions of earnest followers.

The separation of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris is a fresh wound. The internet shed a lot of tears the day that the couple announced they were breaking up.

Ygritte Jon Snow
Source: HBO

If you genuinely need a reason to avoid discussing the private lives of people that you’ve never met, then at least do it for selfish reasons. If our collective scrutiny of Ygritte and Jon Snow’s marriage ends up driving a wedge between the pair, then we’ll all cry real tears if our new favorite Hollywood power couple find they can’t live with the constant burden of our intense gaze.

Let Kit and Rose have their wedding, and their marriage, in peace. They clearly don’t want the media interfering with their domestic situation. Let’s not make life more difficult for them just because we want to live vicariously through their marital bliss.

Leave these guys alone. It’s literally the least we can do to show them our support.

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