Why You Definitely Shouldn’t Read any ‘Stranger Things 2’ Reviews on the Internet

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

The first reviews for Stranger Things season two are coming in, but whatever you do, you shouldn’t read them.

Why? Because the last thing you want to do is color your own judgement of the upcoming second season of the popular show.

With the return of Stranger Things, showrunners Matt and Ross have a difficult task ahead of them. Everyone loves the first season of Stranger Things so much that there’s no way to live up to the hype – especially considering that Netflix has delayed the release of this second season to match up with Halloween.

So, naturally, reviewers who are going into this show won’t be judging things without bias. It’s the problem that a lot of sequels suffer from – people are so devoted to the original story that adding in something new, even if it’s a lot of fun, means competing with a big, unhealthy dose of nostalgia.

Stranger Things 2 Will Byers
Source: Netflix

The first review for Stranger Things season two from Entertainment Weekly, for example, is not overly positive. It’s not that negative, either, but it’s pretty clear that the reviewer isn’t completely blown away by the return of this show.

Perhaps part of the problem is that the shock factor has ebbed now. Stranger Things is no longer new and different, and that means that its attempts to expand the mythos aren’t necessarily viewed with the same optimism and enthusiasm that people afforded the show’s initial season.

Just because a reviewer, whose job naturally leaves them cynical and hard to please, doesn’t think Stranger Things 2 is incredible, it doesn’t mean that you won’t like it.

This is one of those cultural touchstones that everyone inevitably has to see. This being the case, you’re better off skipping the trailers and reviews, and going into the new season as fresh as possible.

Stranger Things 2 Chief Hopper
Source: Netflix

Try and treat season two the way you did season one. You don’t need to know everything about it in advance; all you need to do is turn on the first episode and see whether it grabs you.

Get some friends round if you like, and have a party – it is Halloween, after all – or watch it completely by yourself in a lengthy binge session that doesn’t end until the season is done.

Take the whole thing in, enjoy the new adventures, and don’t worry too much what the reviewers may or may not thing. The most important thing is that you have fun.