Why You Shouldn’t Watch the New ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Preview This Weekend

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Sony)

Sony Pictures has a treat for fans of Spider-Man this weekend. The popular superhero’s upcoming movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, is very nearly here now, and in anticipation of what will hopefully be a cinematic high point of the year for fans of comic book characters, we’ll all be getting a special preview of the film during the MTV Movie and TV Awards on Sunday.

Sounds exciting, right?



But you know what? Maybe you shouldn’t watch this particular new footage. Maybe it’s worth letting the MTV awards pass you by – and not just because the ceremony is essentially the Oscars for teenagers.

Here’s the problem with Spider-Man: Homecoming – we’ve all seen far too much of this movie.

Peter Parker’s third high school adventure has been overexposed. Part of this is our own fault, because we as fans are so eager to see more of this movie that we’re willing to do anything it takes to get a few juicy details about what’s coming – even if it means shimmying up a drainpipe to get candid behind-the-scenes photos of the film shoot.

More blame, though, goes to Sony, and a marketing campaign that has all but entirely ruined every surprise that this film might have. Anyone who has paid attention to any of the trailers is already completely aware of the movie’s entire plot, and it’s unlikely that there’ll be any surprises that have been saved for the film itself.

Last year, Batman v Superman’s trailers gave away everything, including the reveal of the third act’s villain, Doomsday. Audiences going into theaters already knew exactly what to think, and it took away what little semblance of intrigue that the movie possessed.

Now, having effectively spoiled every major twist and turn in Homecoming, Sony has failed to learn from DC’s mistakes, with a new preview that’ll mean that audiences will know even more about this film when it finally arrives in theaters.

In retrospect, all of the set leaks that occurred during Homecoming’s filming last year seem a little suspicious. Has Sony’s plan all along been to drum up attention by keeping absolutely nothing under wraps?

Either way, if you are interested in seeing more of Homecoming before it reaches theaters on July 7, you might want to steer clear of the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

After all, what’s the point in seeing a movie in theaters when you’ve already seen 80% of it chopped up in various trailers, teasers, and awards show previews?

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