Will 10 More Episodes of “Lucifer” Be Enough To Satisfy Fans?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Fox)

Well, it seems I am wrong again. To my complete surprise, Netflix has picked up “Lucifer”, and now announced that the previously cancelled Fox show will have a ten episode season on the streaming platform.

For the record, I was also wrong about “The Expanse”, which has also been given a new lease of life.

This year has seen a lot of beloved fan-favorite shows get dropped by their networks, before being picked up elsewhere.

I foolishly assumed that only “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” would be revived. Silly me.

Why Not More?

Considering the overwhelming popularity of the “Lucifer” fan movement, I’m yet again surprised. Netflix’s offering of ten fresh, new episodes is more than I expected, but it’s also a lot less than a show of this popularity deserves.

Netflix’s programming team seem to be hedging their bets here. Perhaps they’re aware that Fox cancelled “Lucifer” for a reason, and they’re waiting to see whether the show actually brings in enough new subscribers to make it worthwhile.

I can’t say I blame them. These kinds of show revivals are inherently risky.

Besides, I suspect that Netflix is after street cred, rather than creating a permanent new addition to their annual content lineup.

There’s a lot to be gained for Netflix if the platform maintains its reputation as the savior of niche shows. It’s essentially a declaration that the streaming service has something for everyone, even if your preferred niche is somewhat obscure.

Lucifer Morningstar
Source: Fox

Are you a fan of charismatic British devils trying to seduce stoic cops? If so, Fox doesn’t have anything good anymore, but Netflix will take care of you.

If this is all a publicity stunt, I understand why we’re only getting ten episodes. Netflix has nothing to gain from a longer season – a few episodes are more than enough to make this gesture feel legitimate.

Of course, this also fits rather well with Netflix’s other shows. The streaming service will only ever do a dozen or so episodes at most in order to keep things brisk. “Lucifer” is joining the fold, so the show needs to be altered to fit this.

So, the next question is, will fans be happy with just ten new episodes?

Concise Storytelling

The average season of “Lucifer” with Fox has a full 22 episodes, so the new Netflix season is going to be a lot shorter.

Apparently, this will be done by essentially slicing the planned season four in half, giving audiences just a portion of the story that’s been plotted.

One could argue that this means it’ll be more focused. Getting half a season will be fine if the half in question is of a higher quality thanks to extra attention over the course of the production period.

Lucifer Amenadiel
Source: Fox

At the same time, I can only hope that there will be enough time to fully explore some of the big changes that have been happening in the show without leaving us stuck on yet another cliffhanger.

Not wanting to delve too far into spoiler territory, let’s just say that there was a pretty significant paradigm shift at the end of the most recent season of “Lucifer”, and most, if not all, of these ten new episodes will likely need to address the issues at hand.

I only hope that the new, shorter season doesn’t feel rushed. It’s hard to shift down from a network-sized season to a more compact Netflix offering.