Will “Atomic Blonde 2” Be Less Violent Than The Original?

Matthew Loffhagen
Focus Features
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The original “Atomic Blonde” was sold to the world as a female-led “John Wick” alike.

When the movie arrived, though, this proved to only be part of the story: the movie had action scenes, sure, but it was as much about smart political maneuvering as bone-shattering bloody violence.

“Atomic Blonde 2” is now in development, albeit only at the script stage. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if the movie ends up being a little less intense than the last film.

Atomic Blonde Fight
Source: Focus Features

According to IndieWire, the first “Atomic Blonde” was almost more than Theron could bear:

“After a tough day of taking hits she went home and when her two kids (now age two and six) jumped on her and jabbed their knees in her ribs, she fought back tears. Her mother asked her, ‘Is it really worth it?’”

This being the case, if Theron is involved with the plotting for the next movie, it might be the case that she pushes the creative team to make the action a little less physically demanding this time.

Do you know what? If the next movie isn’t quite so bone-crunching, that’ll be no bad thing. There’s enough engaging, interesting material within the world of “Atomic Blonde” that a sequel could be just as enjoyable even if it’s not quite so harsh.

That said, as much as I won’t be surprised if “Atomic Blonde 2” is less violent, I’ll also be unsurprised if the next movie is even more action-packed.

Atomic Blonde Neon
Source: Focus Features

Charlize Theron has never been an actor to shy away from the physical strain of a role. I can completely see her wanting to outdo her own performance, even if it means listening to her mother asking if all of this is really worth it.

Based on everything we’ve seen of her thus far, it seems that Theron really does believe that a good movie is worth the pain.