Will Betty Fully Turn to the Dark Side When “Riverdale” Returns Next Year?

Matthew Loffhagen
The CW
(Photo: The CW)

The showrunner for “Riverdale” has been talking about what we can expect when the show returns after its current mid-season break, and from the sounds of things, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Betty, for better or worse.

According to Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, themes from Betty’s personal and home lives will be explored in greater detail, as the show delves further into one of the more famous characters from the Archie comics:

“I think Betty’s big series arc will always be kind of relate back to the kind of darkness within her. I think she’s always trying to figure out where that comes from and I think one of the theories is that she inherited it from her family. So I think that that’s a story that we’ll always be telling with Betty, some version of it. So yeah, we’re going to explore that for sure in the second half of the season, and yeah Betty’s family will absolutely kind of be front and center for her for a bit.”

This idea of focusing on Betty makes sense, as it keeps up the central themes of the first half of season two. Betty has been front and center for a lot of what’s come thus far, as the unwitting muse for the Black Hood murderer, who was inexplicably obsessed with her to the point of killing those around her.

Betty is one character that’s needed a lot of changes in adapting her from her comic book roots to the dark, gritty “Riverdale” setting. In the comics, she’s often portrayed as the sweet, naïve girl-next-door character, contrasting with Veronica’s slightly edgier streak.

It seems that “Riverdale” is eager to play with this concept, showing off the darkness that lies within Betty, and the possibility for the “good girl” to get naughty when given the opportunity.

As such, if we’re going to see more of Betty and her parents in the next half of this season, it makes sense that we’ll probably get some more of Dark Betty, the persona that the character puts on when doing really dubious things.

The only problem is, the lines between Dark Betty and regular Betty are beginning to blur, to the point that she’s often more edgy and dangerous than Veronica. It feels like the show is leaning towards almost making her a villain of sorts, as just a little push would be all it would take for her to start really doing harm to the seemingly endless line of people out there who want to take advantage of her.

Whatever’s coming in the future of the show, it seems like Betty is going to be at the center of it, possibly more so than any other character.

Let’s just hope that, when all is said and done, Betty is still likeable. She’s already getting to the point where her treatment of her friends makes her difficult to relate to, so if the character strays too far onto the path to the Dark Side, she might end up losing the love and support of the growing “Riverdale” fandom.

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