Will Fans Embrace the New “Star Wars: Resistance” TV Show?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Disney has revealed details of “Star Wars: Resistance”, a brand new animated TV show that will be debuting this fall.

It looks fine.

This isn’t the big spectacle live-action show that fans have been waiting for. We’ve known for a while that a replacement for the “Star Wars: Rebels” cartoon series was comic, and now we have an initial glimpse at it.

There’s nothing revolutionary or spectacular going on here. It’s just more cartoon “Star Wars”.

A Possible Step Backwards

Based on an initial look at some of the characters and artwork from the new series, it seems that “Resistance” is basically exactly the same as “Rebels”, and indeed, “Clone Wars”, in terms of style and format.

A group of colorful characters fight back against the evil Confederacy/Empire/First Order (delete as appropriate) while also learning the value of friendship or some other such lesson.

If anything, this show’s cast looks like a step backwards from “Rebels”. The most recent cartoon from Disney had its flaws, but it did at least provide a more diverse group of characters.

The crew of The Ghost in “Rebels” includes two aliens and two female characters. One of these is Sabine Wren (aka Purple Boba Fett), possibly one of the coolest characters in all of modern “Star Wars” canon.

By contrast, it looks awfully like the entire cast of “Resistance” is male. There’s a possibility that the one alien character (who looks a little like a Rodian) might be female, but it’s hard to be certain from this picture.

It feels weird that, given Lucasfilm’s recent focus on female-led storytelling in “Star Wars”, there wouldn’t be a more prominent woman among this crew. I suspect that the plan might be to try to segregate the animated “Star Wars” shows, giving the girls “Forces of Destiny” while the boys get this new show.

If that’s the case, it’s a load of garbage. Is it really so hard to make a show that appeals to both boys and girls?!

But perhaps that’s a grumpy rant for another day.

“Star Wars: Wind Waker”

In the meantime, the one thing that does grab my eye about “Resistance” is the slightly tweaked art style.

Based on the logo image, it seems like this show might well be cel shaded, ditching the grittier rendering from “Clone Wars” and “Rebels”.

Star Wars Resistance Logo
Source: Lucasfilm

Indeed, looking at the logo, I’m getting definite “Zelda: Wind Waker” vibes from this show, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Let’s face it: CGI animation ages very quickly, and an attempt at any form of realistic shading on a TV budget ends up looking a bit terrible.

The solution is a clean, crisp cel shading with bright shapes and very little soft shadow. This works for video games, so I’m expecting it’ll look good on a “Star Wars” TV show as well.

It remains to be seen whether “Star Wars” fans will embrace “Resistance”. Most older fans are probably going to hold out hope for Jon Favreau’s upcoming live-action series instead.

For the younger demographic, though, this will be a new generation’s “Clone Wars”.

Or, if you’re old enough, the new answer to “Droids” or “Ewoks”.

Man, it’s been a long time since the ‘80s.