Will “iZombie” Season Four Go Full Rom-Com to Become The Funniest Season Yet?

Matthew Loffhagen
The CW
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Rose McIver, the star of the undead comedy “iZombie”, has some bold claims for the upcoming fourth season of the show. Apparently, this is going to be the funniest storyline yet, as things get really bizarre, and somewhat romantic.

According to McIver, who plays Olivia “Liv” Moore:

“Weirdly I think it’s funnier than season prior, I really do. I think that they’ve just kind of heightened the contrast a bit. It’s strong drama and strong comedy. I believe we have in those grave situations you have to have a sense of humor about things because how else do you get through? So we feel like this season you can look forward to Major on wresting brain and Liv on romantic comedy brain at the same time, so there’s plenty of humor that finds its way through and I think that it’s some of the funniest writing that I’ve experienced in the show.”

So, apparently, this next season will take a rom-com turn.

That’s a little interesting, considering the big political cliffhanger that the show was left on at the end of season three.

The new season will show Seattle in the midst of a zombie outbreak, quarantined off by the rest of the United States, and renamed “New Seattle” for reasons which will presumably become apparent (after all, surely it’s still the same city, right?).

iZombie Liv
Source: The CW

It’s strange that in this setting, and with all the potential for wider stories that a city full of zombies provides, the show is instead focusing narrowly down on personal relationships and gooey romantic comedy.

This doesn’t sound like just a single episode of cutesy fun. McIver has made it clear that she’d been doing her rom-com research for some reason:

“I watched a lot of Bridget Jones and Notting Hill and all the classics. It’s one of my favorites. It’s a two-parter episode so we get a lot of it. But the devices that provides are really, really, funny like we see things in slow motion and we have the fans in the face and we have Liv reacting to things in a way that’s certainly doesn’t fly with the people around her, as often is the case. It will certainly remind people of the comedy that we’re capable of on this show.”

This definitely does feel a little odd. This kind of fluff could have come at any point in the “iZombie” past, and it’d be nice to instead see what can be done with the entire New Seattle premise that will make season four distinct from what has come before.

iZombie rom-com
Source: The CW

But, hey, there’s plenty of good stuff that can be achieved with personal stories, and there’s still no doubt going to be room for the big stuff as well. This show no doubt deserves the benefit of the doubt, it’s just odd to see Rose McIver talking up the romance of all things in the upcoming season.