Will The Jamie Foxx “Spawn” Movie Be Worth Watching?

Matthew Loffhagen
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Jamie Foxx is all set to play Spawn in the new comic book movie of the same name.

Anyone who’s actually familiar with Spawn probably feels really bad for Jamie Foxx right about now.

Who is Spawn?

Spawn is not exactly Spider-Man in terms of widespread popularity.

Heck, he’s not even on par with Iron Man.

Imagine if Cable from “Deadpool 2” had a long-lost brother who was perpetually trapped in an Emo phase. That’s Spawn. A lesser-known creation of Todd McFarlane, he’s somewhat less popular than a one-note comic book tough-guy.

Spawn first debuted in the comics during the ‘90s speculator bubble that saw new books selling millions of copies. Everyone bought “Spawn #1” expecting it to one day be worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

Source: Image Comics

This has never happened, in large part because Spawn is terrible.

Yet, because of the book’s initial success (selling as it did to people who didn’t actually read comic books), the character of Spawn has stuck around.

Now, Jame Foxx is signed on to play this one-note, tired comic book character, and the movie is being made by Blumhouse of all studios!

Certainly, this is new ground for Blumhouse, and I’m happy to see the movie being made by a horror studio rather than anyone who’s hoping to create the next MCU.

At the same time, there as so many better films that could be made. So many original ideas that haven’t already had a chance to bomb at the box office.

Second Time’s The Charm?

We’ve already had a Spawn movie, and while, admittedly, it did come out at a time when comic book films were all terrible, that’s no excuse.

“Blade” came out during the same era, hit on a lot of the same subject matter, and somehow managed to work.

Spawn Movie
Source: New Line Cinema

I’m open to the possibility of this new “Spawn” being somehow more watchable than the original.

I’m just not going to hold my breath.

Except as I silently pray that Jamie Foxx’s career can survive this blunder.