Will “The Purge” Prequel Deliberate Aim to Anger Donald Trump?

Matthew Loffhagen
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Donald Trump might need to stay away from the Twitter hashtag #TheFirstPurge. He’s probably not going to like what he sees there.

The “Purge” movies are a mixed bag overall.

At the center of the premise is an intriguing idea; an opportunity for biting social commentary about the way we view even our closest neighbors as expendable, and about how the government allows all kinds of violence and crime to occur without stepping in to help the real people that are affected by man’s inhumanity to man.

Sadly, the complex themes that could be achieved with this set-up are rarely built upon. Instead, we get generic scary movies filled with cliché violence, gore, and action.

There does seem, though, that someone involved with the series is eager to do something more poignant.

The First Purge
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A new image that’s been released for the upcoming prequel movie, “The First Purge”, shows off a Donald Trump campaign hat, which instead of reading “Make America Great Again”, simply provides the movie’s title.

The implication here is obvious: “The First Purge” is attempting to tie together the rise of President Trump with the creation of a sadist society that revels in violence and hatecrime.

The big concept that the movie will need to sell people on is the idea that civilization willingly accepts a shift from more traditional legal focus, to the cult-like Purge culture that allows people to kill indiscriminately, so long as they limit themselves to government-mandated celebrations of carnal anger.

Apparently, the movie will try to suggest that this is not just a horrendous alternate universe to our own, but something that could easily grow out of our very own political system and society.

It’s a chilling thought, but nobody should worry too much about the film providing a blueprint for this kind of change.

The Purge Scary Masks
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After all, as much as “Purge” movies might have a good set-up, they’re primarily interested in gunfights and slaughter. Whatever Trump allusions might be present in the movie, they’ll probably play a back seat to the more important focus of the film: ridiculous violence.

Expect a few quick scenes setting things up, followed by lots and lots of typical scary movie scenes.

The interesting twist will come from the fact that most people aren’t really ready for the Purge yet in this film. Society doesn’t yet revolve around this public holiday, so nobody has security systems, weapons stockpiles, or set game plans based on previous Purges.

In the background, thoughtout, there’ll be a quiet, almost imperceptible message.

“This could be us”, the movie will say, “don’t assume that this is impossible”.

Screw the shooting and blood and guts – that’s the really terrifying element of this upcoming horror story!