Will The ‘Sausage Party’ Director Ruin ‘The Addams Family’ Remake?

Matthew Loffhagen
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Good news! There’s a new Addams Family animated movie in the works!

Bad news! It’s being directed by the guy who did Sausage Party!

Okay, so maybe not everyone hates Sausage Party, and that’s fair. People are entitled to like what they like without judgement.

That said, the crass stoner humor of Sausage Party, with all its pseudo-philosophy, dumb food sex jokes, and shallow ethnic stereotypes, doesn’t exactly lend itself well to the world of Charles Addams.

The Addams Family is an interesting creative work. It started life not as a fully fleshed out universe, but a series of comic strips created by Addams, which show off his particular sense of morbid humor.

Charles Addams
Source: Charles Addams

We all know The Addams Family from previous cartoons or the cool live action movies of the Nineties, and as such, it might be easy to think that this property is nothing more than kooky Halloween jokes and Christopher Lloyd’s silly face.

There’s a lot more to this than just Cousin It and a catchy theme tune – The Addams Family, as a play on the traditional family sitcom with more morbid tones, is a nuanced tale about misfits in the modern world, relishing their own unique tastes, and refusing to conform.

There’s some deep stuff at the center of this franchise, and it’s hard to imagine Conrad Vernon, who was responsible for such hits as Shrek 2, and Madagascar: Europe’s Most Wanted, to capture the rich, offbeat essence of the Addams Family with anything even approximating the depth they deserve.

Madagascar 3
Source: Dreamworks

Instead, be prepared for cutesy cartoon versions of these characters making jokes about memes, or glib pop-culture references that get a quick laugh from younger audiences without delivering anything meaningful.

This is all the more disheartening considering that apparently, at one point in this movie’s development, Tim Burton was set to direct the picture, which would have been a stop-motion affair similar to Corpse Bride or The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Tim Burton’s done a lot of less that stellar stuff recently, but it’s impossible to deny the fact that if there’s one thing he’s perfectly suited to, it’s The Addam’s Family. Nobody could possibly do that particular job better.

There’s not much to be excited about with Conrad Vernon’s upcoming version of The Addams Family. Here’s hoping it manages to surprise and ends up being better than it sounds on paper.

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