Will “Westworld” Season 2 Become Too Timey Wimey?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: HBO)

Just as a heads up here, I’m not going to be delving into spoiler territory for “Westworld” season two here. That said, if you haven’t seen season one yet, or you want to go in completely fresh (or if you don’t want the “Saw” movies to be spoiled) you might want to avoid even the headline for this article.

Which, admittedly, is going to be hard now. If only a younger version of yourself at a different point of your timeline could have been warned in advance…

With the return of “Westworld” comes a return of the central mechanic that delivered the first season’s big plot twist.

“Westworld” season one revolved around a clever if somewhat convoluted timeline, with events that seem to be happening in tandem actually taking place at different points on time.

This is a smart idea, even if the majority of viewers figured it out in advance of the show’s big reveal – setting up this kind of trap can be difficult.

Westworld Robot
Source: HBO

From the looks of it, season two will be relying on a similar narrative trick, but this time, at least, any attempt to hide it has been abandoned.

We’re told right in the first episode that events are happening out of order, and this is probably a smart idea. People weren’t fooled by this trick the first time, and now there’s a precedent for time jumping.

I can’t help but feel a little concerned with this, though – it makes sense that the writers of “Westworld” season two would want to keep up with the kind of narrative structure that made the first show so interesting, but there’s a lot of ways that this can go wrong.

Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey

“Westworld” is going to suffer in season two, in large part due to its own popularity. The hype surrounding the show’s first season, combined with the big wait for new instalments, means that people are eager for a big spectacle.

The danger comes from the possibility that the creative team behind “Westworld” might feel the need to one-up themselves, and go bigger, grander, and more mind-bending.

If a big plot twist anchored season one, then naturally season two will need one as well. The showrunners have even been teasing the big twists the show will take, by baiting their Reddit fans in what turned out to be nothing more than an old-fashioned Rickroll.

So here’s hoping that the team have resisted the temptation to try to play the timeline trick again, by making things even more confusing. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the “Saw” treatment, with multiple, seemingly unconnected events actually happening concurrently.

I can’t help but feel wary with this season. I’m going to be waiting for some big mystery to be uncovered, or for a big plot twist to change everything.

It seems I’ll be disappointed either way – either my careful watching will reveal something, or I’ll feel cheated because what I thought to be the set-up for a plot twist turns out to be nothing more than a red herring in a Stetson.

Perhaps I’m better off simply relaxing and enjoying the ride.

It’s such a shame that my brain won’t let me.