Woman Steals Lana Del Rey’s Car After Stealing Lana Del Rey’s Car

Justin Caffier
(Photo: OBSEV / Jaguar UK)

Someone buy poor Lana Del Rey some basic tier ADT or something. Girl can’t seem to keep randos off her property. Less than a week after some crazed fan was busted for skulking around the singer’s garage while she wasn’t home, TMZ brings us the tale of a woman named Icess Floyd jacking two of Lana’s whips.


Someone really needs to do something about this Icess problem.

Floyd reportedly snuck into Lana’s garage in early November and squatted for a few days while Lana was out traveling. Eventually Floyd decided to end her stay with a flashy exit in Lana's 2013 Jaguar XK convertible, but wound up getting it impounded, which is surprisingly easy to do in LA. Those parking signs are borderline LSAT logic puzzles sometimes.

Instead of enjoying the high of pretty much getting away scot-free with this little squat and joyride, Floyd succumbed to the hubris dormant inside us all and decided to dip back in to Plaza de Del Rey to steal another vehicle, this time a 2015 Jaguar F-Type.

She didn’t get far, however, and was busted on an outstanding traffic warrant. The car thief has been charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of felony joyriding for treating real life like video games. Fortunately, the vehicles have been returned to Lana, who is likely celebrating the good news with a slightly happy pout.