The World Would Be a Better Place If We All Acted More Like Drake

Madison Vanderberg

There are only two kinds of people in this world, girls who are obsessed with Drake and guys who think Drake is a whiny little bitch.

But those in the second camp, they just don’t KNOW Drake. There’s a Drake that lives inside all men, but they’re afraid to let him and his lyrical elegance out. 

Let us fill the Drake-shaped hole in your heart with some Drake quotes superimposed on GIFs from rap videos. 

Here’s how you can live your life more like Drake.



2. When you “feel” someone, you have to actually “feel” them. You feel me?


3. Tell your girlfriend she looks beautiful, even when she’s “chillin’ with no makeup on.”


4. If you act like a bitch, nobody will love you.


5. Only worry about yourself. Wait, what?

Well, maybe worry about other people. That was a lapse in Drake’s judgment. We apologize.


6. Fight less, talk more. ‘Nuff said.


7. Who “’em” is exactly, we’re not sure, but don’t let anybody fuck your life up.


8. It’s true. You do ONLY live once.


9. Don’t meet any new people. Just keep your Toronto friends. You don’t need anybody else.

This is one of those instances where Drake walks a fine line between “inspirational” and “what the fuck are you talking about?”


10. In addition to not making new friends, only associate with your “real” friends and not the “fake” ones.


11. Just be super MULTIFACETED.


12. Lies heal everything. Wait, no they don’t. C’mon Drake, get it together.


13. Just find someone who loves you amongst all the randomness of life.


14. You gotta take care of people, like Drake does.


15. #NoShit #OnlyFacts


16. At the end of the day, it’s all about hard work. 


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