WTF: Rihanna Gets a Gun Grill, Kanye Keeps Kim Kaptive

Madison Vanderberg

Celebrities be acting cray yo. What’s up this week in WTF behavior?

Rihanna got a gold grill shaped like a gun, further confirming her true ratchet status. [Instagram]

Kanye West is keeping Kim K kaptive at the Kardashian kompound. [RadarOnline]

Kim Kardashian filmed a three-second video of her post-baby tongue and we watched it, because we are all faithful dummies. [Hollyscoop]

Simon Cowell banned the “X-Factor” judges from partying on his yacht, because the baby mama drama is consuming all his time, energy and yacht space. [Daily Star]

Simon Cowell is paying $97 million in child support, as the middle-class slips into dirt and nothingness. [Hollyscoop]

Rihanna partied with her grandpa, because that’s what retirement is all about. [Hollyscoop]

Mark Wahlberg called Justin Bieber a little bastard, because he can. [Hollyscoop]

Chris Brown is quitting music and blaming it on people still caring about that time he beat Rihanna. [Hollyscoop]


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