WTF: Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan is a 39-Year-Old Man, Kris Jenner has No Sex Boundaries

Matt Dekneef

A Taylor Swift’s “Biggest Fan” radio contest was cancelled after the winner ended up being a creepy, 39-year-old man named Charles. Whoops! [ONTD]

Do you find babies in bikinis inappropriate? Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t. [Us]

Bianca Lawson, who got her acting start as a high schooler in “Saved by the Bell” in 1993, has been playing a teenager for more than 17 years! Talk about being held back… [Daily Mail

Kris Jenner just talks and talks and talks and talks about having sex on an airplane right in front of her underage daughters Kylie and Kendall Jenner on her new talk show. [Buzzfeed

Geraldo Rivera’s nearly nude selfie will melt your eyes. [New York Daily News]

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