Wyclef Jean Helping Amanda Bynes Become a Rapper

Matt Dekneef

Hold the phone. Hold the radio. Hold the iPhone. Hold literally any device that can carry an MP3 file because Amanda Bynes is recording a song and she’s doing it with Wyclef Jean.

It’s moments like these—journalistic opportunities where a light at the end of an entertainment reporter’s tunnel appears in the shape of a Pulitzer Prize—when we’re reminded to ask all the fundamental questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? WHAT THE F*CK?!??

Amanda met up with Wyclef, like face-to-face-in-an-unbrushed-wig and stuff, to discuss the potential collaboration, this according to Dan Herman, the CEO of Chinga Chang Records, which offered the former Nickelodeon star a record deal about a week ago.

“It would be perfect,” Dan told E! News. “Linking the two of them will be something major.”

Wyclef, apparently agrees, and has been “receptive” to throwing some sonic ideas against the wall with Amanda and seeing what sticks.

Now is Amanda’s chance to truly shine at her real God-given talent, which believe it or not isn’t her effortless styling abilities or her resilient bong-throwing arm which would make Willie Mays look meh.

No lip-syncing and all original music written by Amanda. “She has such a great voice,” Dan added. “Singers wish they could hit the notes that Amanda does.”

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