You Can Now Eat Cupcakes with Your Fave Celebs on Them

Danelle Sandoval
(Photo: Eat Good NYC)

Move aside "Cupcake Wars," because there is a dessert shop that has some seriously next-level cupcakes.

We’re talking about 3D printing and celebrity-frosted desserts here.

From working with Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, EatGoodNYC has been a sweet treat for the entire East Coast.

We were extremely excited to have an exclusive interview with Benny and Carolina, founders of the cupcake company, and find out more about their innovative cupcakes and what their experience has been like working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

And look, they even did a cupcake for one of our Hollyscoop founders Diana Madison! Lahv it:

Eat Good NYC


And they also made some for our girls Kendall and Kylie Jenner, so cute:

Eat Good NYC


Carolina explained, “For us [it's] creating an emotional connection with our customers, or the recipients of the cupcakes. You just have to hit them at a personal level, you know? Anybody can go to any bakery and get a specialized cake made for them. We understand our customer as one that doesn't want something normal, they want to be part of something undiscovered, exciting, new, and fresh.”

Eat Good NYC


As for the celebs they have loved working with, Carolina’s favorite moment was her, “run in with Cara Delevingne,” while Benny’s was Gigi Hadid. Benny told us, “She has been supporting us for quite some time, and we had the pleasure to deliver her some cupcakes. She is so down to earth and a real genuine person.”

Yep, definitely sounds like Gigi, fa sho.

As for the celebs that the dynamic, cupcake-making duo would like to work with?

Benny said Obama, while Carolina said, “I'd love Rihanna to hold a cupcake! Rih Rihhhh!”

Well we’d love to see those collabs happen. #BBHMM cupcakes with Queen RiRi’s face all over them? YAS, please.

If anything, we’re just hoping that EatGoodNYC comes to LA soon. We need some cupcake lovin’ over here too.


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Sunset Strip cupcakes, anyone?