Your Next Lady Gaga Replacement Is Here

Matt Dekneef

And her name is Brooke Candy.

This week, the ingénue rapper opened the Diesel runway show in Venice with a new track called “Opulence.”


The performance drew some expected Gaga parallels.

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For starters, her appearance was for Nicola Formichetti, the label’s designer, who was formerly Gaga’s longtime stylist.

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In an interview with Elle, Nicola spoke of his new muse: “I think I met her with Terry Richardson; he was shooting her and I was there. She kind of looks like a bitch, you know? So I was hoping, ‘Oh my God, I hope she’s not a bitch.’ But she was so sweet. It really reminds me of when I first met Gaga.”


Even the title “Opulence” sounds like a Gaga track.

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Her sound is nothing like Gaga’s, but they both explore similar tongue-in-cheek themes like luxury and money.


Brooke, like Gaga, also came from an affluent family.

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Her father is the CFO of Hustler magazine and CEO of Hustler Casino.


However, Brooke loathes the Lady Gaga comparisons.


In her defense, she makes a valid point when she says that Gaga draws influence from sub-cultures while never actually participating in them.


Brooke’s first major blast of exposure was in Grimes’ music video for “Genesis.”

Brooke actually claims Lil Kim as her greatest inspiration, not Gaga, for her wild look and provocative lyrics.


Like Gaga, she’s definitely a chameleon.

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But there’s something more authentic and fearless about Brooke’s highly sexualized image—she’s previously worked as an exotic dancer in Hollywood for nearly a year and her charged lyricism regularly flips gender roles and norms.