Zac Efron Addresses His New Romance with Lily Collins

Madison Vanderberg

Last week Zac Efron was spotted on a movie date with his ex-flame Lily Collins. Does that mean they are back together or was it more like Lily thought, “Oh, I should see how my ex is doing since he went to rehab and whatever.”

Zac and Lilly were spotted walking to the movies last week on what looked like a date.

They last dated in February 2012 and by “dated” we mean they were spotted holding hands once, so interpret that how you will.

So are they rekindling an old flame?

A source close to the two says that there is nothing going on between them and that they are “just hanging out.”

To be fair, if you check out the photos of their date, there doesn’t seem to be much chemistry, but what do we know, we’re not “celebrity body language experts.”

Oh also, Zac told Yahoo Movies during a Q&A event for That Awkward Moment, “I’m single.”

So there you have it. They are just hanging out.


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