Zac Efron Holding Baby Animals Will Make You Wish You Were A Baby Animal

Matt Dekneef

Zac Efron is a one-man zookeeper and watching him hold baby animals is an exhibit unto itself.


1. Zac Efron holding two baby rabbits.


2. Zac Efron holding this baby fox.


3. Here’s Zac Efron with a hedgehog on his shoulder.


4. And a four-legged creature we couldn’t identify perched on his other shoulder.


5. Is Zac holding the animals in this photo…or are the animals holding him?

Because there are literally SO many animals in this photo.


6. Falcons flock to him.


7. Anacondas just can’t resist him.


8. Holding this kitten that doesn’t ever want to let go.


9. With a monkey that wishes there were more Zac Efrons to cling to.


10. He’s killing us ever so softly with this puppy.


Now we’re dead. We’re all dead.

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