Zac Efron & Robert Pattinson Went on a Bro-Date

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: Getty Images)

The good Lord hath answered our prayers. We have received word via tabloid magazine People and online publication E! News that the cherub boy princes known as Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron united for an evening of camaraderie, pleasure, and Adonis bonding, also known as a “boys’ night out.”

This is everything we know about their star-crossed bro-date.


“Their night started with some friendly competition at Pinz Bowling Alley.”


Girls were probably dying, we’re sure.


“Zac was seen goofing around and Rob was not even trying, skipping his turn at one point.”


We’re actually brain dead just imagining this.


“When they left, some of the friends smoked cigarettes, while they all just laughed and talked.”


Wow, omg, cigarettes. OMG.


“Rob and Zac both looked good and happy. Rob showed Zac something on his cell phone and they both started laughing. They were in really good moods.”


This is them. This is probably exactly what they looked like.


After bowling, the boys hit up HOLLYWOOD HOTSPOT BOOTSY BELLOWS.

“Efron laid low, sipping on Fiji water in the club’s back VIP room as pals Robert Pattinson, Ryan Rottman and Joe Jonas joined him, an onlooker tells ‘People.’”


Sipping on dat Fiji like WHAT.


“Zac looked happy and relaxed and wanted to talk with his friends.”


He’s so chill. OMG Zac’s the chillest guy ever!


“He didn’t care about who else was at the club or any of the other nonsense going on.”


The thirst from girls in the club must have been REAL.


“When Jay Z and Kanye West’s hit “Otis” came on, Efron bobbed to the beat.”


Like this.


“While Pattinson (who sipped cocktails) was being very chatty with the rest of the group.”



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