Zac Efron Will Sleep with You on First Date

Madison Vanderberg

Zac Efron has sprung from rehab and jaw-surgery like a champ, just in time to promote his new movie That Awkward Moment, which is about a group of dudes who try to be players, but all end up falling in love.

So naturally, all of Zac’s interviews are going to revolve around that subject.

Zac told Glamour magazine that for all the ladies lucky enough to date him, he’d definitely try to sleep with you on the first date.

“Sex is a beautiful thing. I don’t object,” he said while tossing his head back with laughter.

Honestly, is there ANY dude that’s like “NO LET’S WAIT, PLEASE DON’T HAVE SEX WITH ME.”

Zac also said he’s never “met a girl properly, ever.” We have NO IDEA what that means. We guess it means he’s never asked a girl out at a bar or something because HE’S SO FAMOUS.

But if you do happen to run into Zac at the CVS in Hollywood and he does ask you out…here’s how you should act to win his heart.

“It’s impossible to say. I think every single girl has something different and special about her. You find one who clicks with your vibe. Fate brings people together,” he stated. “But I think the most important thing for me in a relationship is honesty. In the beginning, sometimes girls don’t show their genuine personality.”


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