$100 Gold-Topped Avocado Toast Is the Best Breakfast You’ll Never Afford

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Uproxx)

Avocado toast is considered one of the quintessential Millennial meals. Kids today are just crazy for healthy, delicious avocado pears, to the point that, bizarrely, older, wealthier people are happy to blame the humble avocado for the fact that young people aren’t buying houses.

In response to some poorly thought out comments from millionaire Tim Gurner, who claimed that millennials aren’t able to afford houses because they’re wasting their money on avocado toast, Uproxx decided to go a little nuts, and made a version of this traditionally very simple meal that’s actually a genuine threat to a person’s bank balance.

This version of avocado toast, created by chef Paul Cao of Burnt Crumbs in Huntington Beach, California, is a standard piece of toast topped with avocado – which also contains a lot of lobster, white truffles, and even gold flakes.

This, you see, is the only way to make a piece of avocado toast cost $100. You’ve got to cover it in expensive food that most millennials can only dream of eating for breakfast in a throwaway manner.

So what’s the takeaway here? It turns out that, believe it or not, avocado toast is not the reason why millennials aren’t investing in the property market.

Not unless you’re dipping your toast in white truffle sauce, or topping it with literal gold, anyway.

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