24-Hour Raw Meat Vending Machine Opens in Paris

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(Photo: OBSEV)

Out of all the things that could be made available 24 hours a day, the convenience of purchasing raw meat around the clock probably wouldn’t be topping the list. In fact, it probably wouldn’t even cross anyone’s mind—unless you’re a trendy butcher shop in Paris, which is killing the game with the city’s first 24-hour raw meat vending machine!

Beef carpaccio, Bayonne ham, steaks, and sausages are just a few types of fancy raw meats the vending machine, sitting outside the L’Ami Txulette butcher shop in Paris, has to offer. According to owner Florence Pouzol, “The vending machine offers a selection of our products which we prepare and vacuum-pack ourselves.”

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Valued at $11,200, the raw meat-dispenser offers a faux-filet of beef for $10, while two pork chops run for $6. The vending machine accepts credit or debit, and is, of course, available to customers 24/7.

When asked about the reasoning behind the 24-hour availability, Pouzol responded, “We wanted to give our customers an additional service when the shop is closed.” Due to strict French laws, butcher and produce shops are typically closed on Sundays. 

In 2011, a baker in Paris installed a 24-hour baguette vending machine outside his shop. Ever since then, hundreds have opened across the country. Currently, four other meat dispensers exist across other provinces in France. However L’Ami Txulette’s is the first one to offer the meat raw.

While many Parisians appear to be fans of the 24-hour vending machine concept, others have their reservations. A local resident found the idea of buying raw meat from a machine off-putting, and raised the question, “What if the refrigeration system fails?”

Yeah, what if the refrigeration system fails, and what if you just don’t feel like cooking? While a 24/7 raw meat dispenser sounds cool if you're into that sort of thing, there's always a 24-hour McDonald’s drive thru if you're not!  

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