Watch This Dude House 50 Scrambled Eggs In 376 Seconds


(Photo: YouTube)

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Matt Stonie must have had one epic day after taking down 50 scrambled eggs in mere minutes.

The competitive eater was inspired to challenge himself to eat 50 scrambled eggs by the famed Cool Hand Luke scene in which the classic film’s protagonist bets his fellow inmates he can scarf down 50 hard-boiled eggs in an hour.

But for some reason, probably because hard-boiled eggs taste like solid farts, Stonie opted for the scrambled variety instead.

He made up for the betrayal to the film by finishing his eggs in almost a tenth of the time.

While he didn’t meet new cameraman Morgan’s expected target of five minutes and 50 seconds, Stonie got damn close, housing all 50 scrambled eggs in six minutes and 16 seconds.

If watching this dude line his insides with grotesque amounts of food is your thing, he’s also eaten 100 pork ribs at once, 13 pounds of milk and cookies, and, in one sitting, four Big Macs, four large orders of fries, and four milkshakes.