6 Times Drinking White Wine with Ice Is Totally OK

Brooke Newberry
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A heinous crime against wine, adding ice to your glass has been described as one of the most insidious offenses – within the wine community, not, like, in constructive efforts of bettering humanity. While it’s certainly true that adding ice will water down the flavor of the wine, it’s also understood that desperate times (mostly just heat waves) call for desperate measures.


Truth: wine is meant to be drunk with pleasure, so if you can’t enjoy it there’s no reason to drink it. Do what makes you wine-happiest. Here are some ice-in-wine exceptions that should never be overruled:

1. If you’re drinking a spritzer.

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Yeah, spritzers. Spritzers are awesome, and whoever says otherwise clearly hasn’t been to a rooftop party only to receive a killer sunburn among way too many PBR-cheezed people – all before 2pm. *Be cautious of these. They will quench your thirst so hard.


2. If it’s the worst white wine you’ve ever had, it’s at borderline room temperature, you’re at a summer wedding in the South, and it’s either this or Bud Light.

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Ask the bartender for ice. He’s probably drunk and in long sleeves – he’ll understand.


3. The wine came out of a really big box.

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And you’re not sure where you’re sleeping tonight.


4. You are the most clever person alive and have actually filled your ice cube trays with white wine – for no reason other than to seize the freakin day, or to capitalize on maximum outdoor picnic chillaxing.

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Or, just to keep your wine cold.


5. You’re having lunch with your grandmother.

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6. You’re sort of trying to get your wine-obsessed S.O. to break up with you.

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Drop some ice in that expensive glass of Chablis you just happen to be sharing on the muggy day of relationship death – it’ll make it easier on them to let you go.