The 8 Best Booze Blogs to Read This Year

Ross Gardiner
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For us, the marks of a great alcohol blog are fairly simple: high quality, humorous prose, and a great network of supplies. If you can write well about the best stuff, then you have something truly valuable and engaging. We don’t want to read average old Dougie Rando’s rudderless Yelp-esque review of some dog-shit cocktail at some dog-shit bar. We want Wilde on Pappy, Twain on Zinfandel, and Murikami on Pilsner.

The Internet has given everyone a voice and until the Lords of the Cloud start imposing an emissions tax on posting, we’ll have to endure a torrent of “content” gushing out of our browsers and drowning us in unedited, first-person piddle. Sadly, there is no application or screening process for starting a blog either, which makes it difficult to discern who really knows the score on booze.

But as usual, The Savory has done the work for you and put together a round-up of some of the best booze blogs to follow in 2014!


Scotch – Diving for Pearls

Image via Diving For Pearls

Michael Kravitz’s knowledge of single malt scotch is breathtaking. His palate is outstanding, his network of contacts is unparalleled in the U.S., and his writing is sharp and always hilarious. Great blog.


Bourbon – The Bourbon Blog 

Image via Bourbon Blog

As you can determine from his blog’s enviable and authoritative title, Tom Fischer’s guide to bourbon is strong. Tom has the lowdown on all things bourbon, and he’s always among the first people online to know about developments and releases. It’s our go-to source for American whiskey.


Beer – Good Beer Hunting

Image via Good Beer Hunting

Another exceptionally hip blog, Good Beer Hunting utilizes founder Michael Kiser’s background in photography to the fullest. An eyegasm to behold, the site backs-up its look with Kiser’s immense knowledge of beer and communicates love in a variety of mediums.


Wine – The Reverse Wine Snob 

Image via The Reverse Wine Snob

So this is a difficult one. There are so many people blogging about wine, but we’re very fond of the Reverse Wine Snob because he writes casually and humorously about wine under $20 a bottle. That’s extremely important to us. Wine needs people that are determined to make it more approachable.


Cocktails – Gastronomista 

Image via Gastronomista

In our opinion, “hipster” never has negative connotations in food and drink. The more obscure and interesting, the better. While there might be better cocktail recipe sites out there, we really love Gastronomista for its playful, unpretentious approach to the scene. Come for the commentary, stay for a recipe.


Gin – The Gin Is In 

Image via The Gin Is In

There aren’t many gin blogs out there so this little beauty from Aaron Knoll is pretty much unrivaled in its breadth and scope. He’s got the skinny on the newest, weirdest gins, and always considers their ability to stand-up to ice, tonic and cocktails. 


Rum – The Rum Howler 

Image via The Rum Howler Blog

The Rum Howler writes about everything, but his specialty is- obviously- rum. He has seasoned expertise and a superb network of rum distilleries in his Rolodex, and his comprehensive scoring is extremely useful.


Alcoholism – The Spirit of Recovery 

Image via The Spirit of Recovery

The road to recovery is one you may have to tread one day, and the strength of a community of caring individuals with a wealth of experience and openmindedness is essential. Ron, the website’s founder, is a recovering alcoholic who has selflessly dedicated himself to helping others overcome their problems with The Drink. 

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