A Grocery Store Chain Now Sells a Steak That’s Covered in Gold, But You Probably Shouldn’t Eat One

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Sainsbury's)

Steak is pretty good, right? We all love steak – well, except for the morally superior vegans and vegetarians among us.

You guys are right, eating meat is probably wrong, but unfortunately, we’re all too weak-willed to give up delicious cow flesh.

Perhaps one way of hiding the guilt at eating a (formerly) living creature is to slather a delicious steak in some kind of coating, whether it be batter, in the case of chicken fried steak, or some kind of tasty peppercorn steak.

Or, if you want to be really fancy, you could eat a steak that’s covered in gold.

Gold leaf topped steaks have been a popular food in Silicon Valley for a while – it’s a good way to show off your wealth by adding some pointless extra precious metal to your diet.

Now, though, a grocery store chain called Sainsbury’s is giving customers in Britain the chance to cook their own golden steak at home. Part of the store’s “Taste the Difference” range of fancy foods, the gold-topped steak costs just $5, and is pretty chunky in size.

Sainsburys Steak
Source: Sainsburys

Except, maybe it’s not worth getting too excited over this steak (nor too disappointed that you’re nowhere near a Sainsbury’s store).

After all, slapping a load of gold leaf on the top of a steak isn’t exactly going to help the meat to taste any better. This is purely a status symbol, and is only going to get in the way of the meat’s natural taste.

Perhaps that’s for the best – after all, a $5 steak is going to be suspicious no matter what topping it comes with. Grocery store steak is never fantastic to begin with, and when it’s this cheap, especially for such a large portion, it’s worth assuming that this meat won’t exactly be a good cut – especially when the price also includes the cost of gold leaf that’s been slapped on top of the steak by a bored employee in the packing center.

While gold-topped steak might sound like a fun treat, it’s perhaps worth spending a little more money on meat that doesn’t come covered in rare metal.

After all, what’s the point of eating a steak if it’s not going to taste good? Take away the delicious flavor of a chunk of beef, and you might as well eat something vegetarian instead!