Vegan Woman Tries Ribs For The First Time, Becomes Addicted To Barbecue

Lindsay Weglarz
addicted to barbecue
(Photo: The BBQ Beat)

A 22-year-old vegan from Venice Beach, California, denounced her animal-product-free lifestyle after eating ribs for the first time. Now, she says, she’s addicted to barbecue. The woman, who asked to be identified only by the name Jessica Babe-B-Q, told us that a lot of her vegan friends would cut her out of their lives if they knew she started eating meat.

vegan girl addicted to bbq

Babe-B-Q was born into a vegan family, and says she never tried meat or even cheese until recently. She recalled having eaten cashew cheese, but everyone knows that doesn’t count. 

“For 22 years, I led the most cliched vegan lifestyle you can imagine,” Babe-B-Q said. “I started yoga when I was 3. I’ve never worn makeup. And my middle name is Flower.” 

vegan girl addicted to bbq

Babe-B-Q grew up near a barbecue food chain, Baby Blue, and says she smelled the food every day on her way to school. After many years, the scent of slow-cooked pork and baked beans left her fantasizing regularly about what meat would taste like.

“At first, I just chalked the meat dreams up to puberty,” Babe-B-Q said. “I was definitely too full of shame to talk to my parents about it. I didn’t want to disappoint them. Like, my mom owns a crystal shop, and my dad leads ayahuasca retreats in Peru. They are so vegan.”

vegan girl addicted to bbq

Babe-B-Q becomes addicted to barbecue

Despite years of ingrained veganism, Babe-B-Q says that, last month, her meat-eating urges became “overwhelming,” and she just had to try it. She ordered a half-rack of ribs, pork sliders and a double portion of macaroni and cheese

“At first, when they brought all the food to me, I thought it looked gross” Babe-B-Q admitted. “It smelled good, but I haven’t seen meat that close to my mouth in my entire life. I thought I would just have a bite of each thing, and then go back to being vegan. But I was so wrong.”

Sadly for Babe-B-Q, she became completely and hopelessly addicted to barbecue after just one bite. She not only finished all of the food she ordered, but also placed an additional to-go order. She has been eating animal-based food ever since, desperately hiding her new diet from her family.

But things took a turn when Babe-B-Q emptied her bank account by secretly ordering ribs multiple times every day.

“I ran out of money to buy my usual, so I started using my dad’s credit card to order a fix,” Babe-B-Q said. “He’s in Peru being a shaman, so I didn’t think he would check the card’s activity. But he noticed right away. And last week, my family did an intervention on me.”

Jessica Babe-B-Q is currently undergoing a 30-day meat-eating conversion therapy program in Malibu.