An American’s Guide to Tipping in Europe

Kristen Lubbe
(Photo: Shutterstock)

So you’re ready to get all Beyonce with it and travel the world.  You have your iPhone charged, Instagram ready, and your best weave in your bag ready to go – or maybe even a full blown wig if you’re channeling Kim Zolciak Biermann. 

You arrive for your Euro Trip and immediately hit up the local pub only to discover the bartender is giving you a little side eye and you’re not quite sure why.  Here’s a guide to tipping around Europe. 


United Kingdom

London is my absolute favorite place on the Planet and I wish I could pack my bags up and live there forever!  If you haven’t been to London, there are a few things you should know about how to tip during your stay.  If you’re in a pub, there’s no need to tip!  If you’re super friendly with your bartender you can always offer to buy them a drink.  While dining at a restaurant you don’t need to tip, either – but do make sure to round up to the next amount while tallying up in a taxi! 




I recently got back from an amazing trip to Berlin, Germany and when I first arrived I took a Taxi to my Airbnb, when I handed the driver the total plus tip, he immediately said I paid too much and handed me the extra money back.  Not only was this super honorable of him, but it could have easily been avoided if I had done a little extra research before arriving.  When in a restaurant or bar – it’s standard to tip 5%-10% on top of the bill.  Just make sure that when you receive the bill and the waiter comes to collect the money, you tell them exactly how much you’d like in return, with the tip included. 




Norway is a slightly different story, meaning that tipping isn’t required anywhere.  If you have stellar service at a bar or restaurant, you can always be super generous by leaving a 10% tip. 



Ireland is an amazing country, one of the most beautiful for sure.  Tipping in this region is often up to the discretion of the patron.  Typically, if you have great service at a bar, restaurant, taxi, getting your nails done, etc – tip 10% and you’re certainly good to go. 



You would think in the land of opulence that you’d have to leave a hefty tip on top of the bill that is as much as your weekly paycheck – but you actually don’t have to!  This is another country where a service fee is actually included in the bill. 



Much like Germany – you simply round up a few Euros when tipping in Italy.  It’s such an amazing place to visit, no matter what part of the country and it’s always good to be able to fully relax and go with the flow while overseas instead of stressing whether or not you just stiffed someone!